WELCOME. What is our website ministry about? Our goal is to bring fresh, up-to-date information of our church services as well as other services.

We present these in several ways such as text, audio, video, etc. Our goal is to keep current of our services, activities, etc., not only through our website, but also on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Thank you for visiting us and come again. Be blessed.
Our website WebMaster since 2010 is Marilyn Hawes Wilkins, Freelance Contract Web Blog & Print Designer.

Marilyn Web Design And More develops, design, redesign, create, publish, update and maintains our church ministry website with creative designs, content and interaction for anyone who may visit our website; as well as our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.


There are several reasons why a church would have a website. A website would give those out-of-town visitors as well as those who may be moving into that area or from another state an idea of services being held and attend.

A website will give them an idea of the church operation, services, activites or events and welcome them before and if they decide to visit. A website can make available worship services, events, upcoming events and information to those members who may have missed attending a service(s).

Lastly, there may be a song, scripture, information that may very well give or present Jesus to someone who may be wondering about the Christian journey and church. Your website may be the vessel used to uplift and encourage someone.

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